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Cummins 4B 3.3-M Onboard Cruise Kits

Trans Atlantic Diesels, Inc. offers our new, expanded, onboard cruise kit for the Cummins 4B3.3-M Marine Diesel Engine.

Enjoy peace of mind on those long cruises - or have the parts on hand for routine maintenance.

Kit Part #OSK4B33M
$745.00 (for serpentine belt, add $50)
The kit comes in a plastic container and includes the items shown below:
Cummins 4B3.3-M Kit
Jabsco Impeller
Jabsco Cam
Jabsco Water Seal Assembly
Jabsco End Cover Screws
Service Kit for Oil Sump Pump (specify older or newer model)
Cummins Touch Up Paint
Thermostat with Thermostat Housing O-Ring
6pc Metric Socket Set with Hex Bits for 3/8 drive
Oil Filter and Fuel Filter
Serpentine Belt or Alternator Belt (specify standard or Balmar)
Fuse and Relays
Electric Fuel Lift Pump
Various Rubber Hoses, Reducer and Rubber End Caps
Hose Clamps (#32, 28, 20, 16)
Miscellaneous Screws, Washers, and Nuts

Email your inquires regarding Cummins 4B 3.3-MOnboard Cruise Kits to tadinc@earthlink.net

or... Please call us at 1-800-927-9295 for more information.


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