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Northern Lights Model M673L3 Marine Diesel Generator


Northern Lights Marine Diesel Generators
Model M673L3

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Northern Lights Model M673L3 Marine Diesel Generator

Northern Lights Marine Diesel Generators

  6 kW - 60 Hz @ 1800 RPM
   The Northern Lights M673L3 is everything you want in a generator set, and nothing you don't. At 6.0 kW (5.0 kW for 50 Hz applications), it's the right size -- big enough to run many shipboard items and start sizeable motors, yet small enough to fit into tight engine rooms.

   The M673L3 runs at 1800 rpm (60 Hz), not 3600 like sets built to a slightly smaller envelope or to a slightly smaller price. That slower speed means quiet, smooth operation and much less stress on the engine. During 2000 hours of operation, the M673L2 will turn over 216 million fewer revolutions; its pistons will travel 43,337 fewer miles; and its cylinders will withstand 108 million fewer detonations. Now, which engine do you think will last longer? So do we.

   Today's sophisticated on-board electronic equipment requires "clean" power. Disruption or distortion of that supply can play havoc with these devices. With the M673L3, an additional winding helps create and maintain a clean sine wave. The independently powered automatic voltage regulator further protects electronic equipment while enabling large electric motor starting.
   The M673L3's cast iron freshwater cooling system and gear-driven seawater pump minimize troublesome belts, hoses, and gaskets. Polyurethane paint and a stainless steel drip pan help prevent corrosion and keep the engine room clean.

   Four plateform isolation mounts reduce vibration, keeping the on-board environment smooth and quiet. The M673L3 is so quiet many owners opt to do without a soundshield, but for maximum attenuation there is a highly effective optional powder coated aluminum soundshield. Northern Lights are so efficient, they're naturally environmentally friendly and meet current emissions standards. This keeps things clean, both on-board and for your neighbors.The M673L3 meets the US EPA Tier III emission requirements.

   The M673L3's service points are all located on one side. Not only can the unit be mounted close to a bulkhead, but once in place, regular maintenance is simple and convenient. Northern Lights' unique D.C. logic system means that the owner can troubleshoot and repair the D.C. power system easily. A 30 amp A.C. circuit breaker in the junction box gives short circuit protection. Safety shutdowns for low oil pressure, high water temperature, and high exhaust temperature are standard.

   In short, the M673L3 is what you'd expect from Northern Lights: Everything that's important to keeping the power on.

Northern Lights M673L3 Model Specifications

Cylinders: 3 Inline

Bore: 2.64 in (67 mm)
Stroke: 2.83 in (72 mm)
Displacement: 46.4 cid (0.761 ltr)
Fuel System: Mechanical
Aspiration: Natural
Length: 27.08 in (688 mm)
Width: 17.08 in (434 mm)
Height: 20.2 in (513 mm)
Weight: 350 lbs (158.7 kg)

Information, specifications, materials and dimensions subject to change without notice.

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