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Balmar Alternators

94-Series Alternators

Balmar 94-Series Alternator

94LY-Series Alternators

Balmar 94-Series Alternator

Mid Duty-Cycle, Large Frame Alternators

We carry a large stock of V-Belt & Serpentine Pulleys to customize the alternator to your belt type and size.

From world class ocean racers to commercial fishers and military patrol vessels, these large-frame alternators have a proven record for supporting large house battery banks and challenging electrical loads under some of the toughest marine conditions imaginable.

Balmar 94-Series and 94LY-Series Alternators feature extra-large gauge custom wound stators and high amperage diode packs to ensure optimal charging performance.

Built to meet USCG Title 33 ignition protection standards, 94-Series alternators deliver excellent low RPM output and terrific response throughout the powerband.

All Balmar large case alternators are designed to be used with Balmar's external, Multi-Stage Regulators.

Balmar 94-Series Alternators can be paired with TAD's Serpentine Pulley Kits per below.

Please contact us for information regarding Serpentine Pulley Kits for engines not listed above.

  • 94-Series Specifications
  • 94-Series Models
  • Documentation
  • Alternator Style: Large case, positive field excitation
  • Regulation: External p-type
  • Case Construction: Ventilated cast aluminum
  • Finish: White powdercoating
  • Cooling: Bi-directional external fan (94-Series), Uni-directional, clockwise rotational fan (94LY-Series)
  • Bearings: Sealed ball bearing. Heavy duty radial (front). Heavy duty needle (rear)
  • Available Outputs: 80A/12V, 110A/12V
  • Mounting Styles: 3.15” I.D. Saddle (Model 94LY), 2” Single Foot (Model 94)
  • Mounting Foot Bore: 10mm (Model 94LY), ½” (Model 94)
  • Grounding: Isolated ground terminal
  • Positive Output: Threaded stud. Stud dimensions: M8 x 1.25
  • AC/Stator Output: 12 pulse
  • Normal/Maximum Operating Temperature: 180°F/82°C / 225°F/108°C
  • Low RPM Cut-In/Maximum Alternator RPM: 1320 rpm / 15000 rpm
  • Diodes +/-: 6 (positive), 6 (negative); 50A/200V
  • Ignition Protection Rating: USCG Title 33
Model Number Volts Amps Mounting Style Alternator Profile
94-12-165-IG 12 165 2″ Single Foot Spindle (Delco-Style) Balmar Alternators
94-12-210-IG 12 210 2″ Single Foot Spindle (Delco-Style)
94-24-140-IG 24 140 2″ Single Foot Spindle (Delco-Style)
94LY-12-165-IG 12 165 3.15″ Dual Foot Saddle (Hitachi-Style) Balmar Alternators
94LY-12-210-IG 12 210 3.15″ Dual Foot Saddle (Hitachi-Style)
94LY-24-140-IG 24 140 3.15″ Dual Foot Saddle (Hitachi-Style)

What to consider before you buy...

Before you invest in a high-output charging system, save yourself a lot of trouble and money by ensuring that you buy the correct system for your application. Charging systems vary by type of boat, and a long list of other variables including engine type, engine room space, belt type and size, battery bank size and battery chemistry.

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