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Price: Please inquire by email below. Perkins Marine Diesel Engines
   Trans Atlantic Diesels carries a full line of fast moving injector pumps on the shelf ready to ship. If we don’t happen to have your pump in stock, a fast turnaround can be arranged.

   Remember when ordering, we need:

  • Engine Model & Serial #
  • Numbers from the pump that commence with DPA…………………………

   If you have a pump not manufactured by CAV or Delphi, such as Diesel Kiki/Bosch, Stanadyne or Simms Minemec, please provide all numbers from the pump ID tag.

   Pumps & Injectors are supplied on a rebuilt exchange basis. You have the choice of sending your pump/injectors in for rebuild or having off the shelf rebuilt pump/injectors shipped to you. There will be a core charge which is refundable on receipt of your like for like rebuildable cores. Core policy available on request.
Contact us for pricing.

Fuel Injection Pump Rebuild pricing, when supplied on an exchange basis, can exceed the quoted standard pricing by up to $400. This applies when the Main Head & Rotor require replacement with a new assembly.

If this is required, verification of this action can be verified by the 3rd party fuel injection shop performing the service. It can take up to 4 weeks to evaluate a core pump and initiate an appropriate core refund. The refund is normally applied to the credit card used for the purchase unless otherwise requested.

INJECTORS: We carry a healthy stock of rebuilt exchange injectors. They can also be supplied new outright.

FITTING: We recommend you have a qualified mechanic fit fuel injection parts. These items are quite complex and extremely sensitive to any contamination. Cleanliness of all fuel injection items is of the utmost importance, the minutest particles can cause pump damage and or block injector nozzles neither of which are covered under warranty.

  • Throttle and stop control levers must be left in position on the pump being returned, and the replacement pump being supplied.
  • DO NOT disturb the securing nuts on the throttle and stop control levers, this will affect pump performance and could void pump warranty.
  • Shipping: We recommend you adequately insure, and thoroughly drain the pump of fuel before shipping; failing to do so may cause the pump to be detained as hazardous.
Hydraulic Governor Style Fuel Injector Pump

   Typical Perkins Fuel Injector Pump
The older range of Perkins Engines typically use 2 types of pumps, both manufactured by CAV or Delphi.

   Hydraulic Governor style as shown at left or Mechanical Governor style shown below.
DPA # can be found on blue id. tag.

Mechanical Governor style Fuel Injector Pump
Mechanical Governor style Fuel Injector Pump With ESO

(Electric Shut Off solenoid built into pump head)
Perkins 4.154
   There are 2 versions of this engine. A North American version and a Japanese version. They can be identified by the type of injector pump used, pictures shown.

   The CAV Delphi pump is fitted to the North American Version. The Diesel Kiki pump is fitted to the Japanese version. Another identifying feature is the Japanese version is fitted with 4 glow plugs in the cylinder head for each individual cylinder.

Fuel Injector Parts


   E.S.O. units shown at right are the three commonly used E.S.O. solenoids for CAV or BOSH Rotary Injection Pumps.

   These are not polarity sensitive but are voltage sensitive. Must be energized to run.

Request Purchasing Info

   You can not bleed the injector pump without energizing this solenoid. It stops the flow of fuel to the pump.

Emergency Fuel Line - EFL100
Don’t be stranded with a damaged/leaking high pressure fuel injection line, sometimes having to wait weeks for a back ordered or discontinued item.
Add the EFL100 Emergency Fuel Injection Line to your spare parts kit for peace of mind. This high pressure Emergency fuel injection line is designed to replace a failed line, it can be hand formed to fit any cylinder on most engines. You can be back under way in a matter of minutes.

If you have a high pressure line failure and have fitted the EFL100, we recommend replacing the EFL100 with the original manufacturer’s line once you have reached your destination and or have the availability of a manufacturers replacement . You can then re use the EFL100 in the event of a future need.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: Fuel Injection systems operate at very high pressures. TO AVOID SERIOUS HARM: During installation and removal, do not touch or allow bodily contact from the discharge/pressure side of the fuel injection lines & system.

The EFL100 Is NOT suitable for high pressure Common Rail Fuel injection systems as used on some later model engines. These systems operate at much higher pressures beyond the capability of the EFL100. To ensure it is correctly suited to your engine, let us know which engine you are intending to use it on before ordering.

Email us about adding an Emergency Fuel Injection Line Part # EFL100 to your Cruise kit.

Perkins Fuel Washer Kits
Don’t be stranded for the sake of that special washer!  Trans Atlantic Diesels is now offering Perkins Engine fuel washer kits which we package ourselves in a personalized key chain holder.  Keep one on your key chain or in your tool box.

     Each kit includes the most commonly used washers for the fuel injection system on models listed below.

  • A: Injector return line washers

  • B: Low pressure filter washers

  • C: Fuel injector compression sealing washers

  • D: Return line banjo fitting

  • E, F, G:  Neoprene olive seals

When ordering please reference the chart below:

Fuel Kits and refills available for the following Perkins models:

Perkins Engine Model Fuel Washer Kit Part # Refill Kit Part #
M20 / M30 FK-M20/M30 FKR-M20/M30
4.107/8 & 4.154 FK-4108/4154 FKR-4108/4154
4.236 / 4.248 FK-4236 FKR-4236
6.354 / 6.354.4 FK-6354/63544 FKR-6354/63544
T6.354 / T6.3544 FK-T6354/T63544 FKR-T6354/T63544
Fuel Kit Images
Email your inquiry regarding Perkins Fuel Washer Kits & Parts to tadinc@earthlink.net

or... Please call us at 1-800-927-9295 for more information.

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