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Balmar 98 Series Alternators & Accessories

Balmar 98-Series Alternators & Accessories

The Right Alternator for your Marine Engine

Maximum Duty-Cycle, Extra-Large Frame

  • Highly efficient Brushless Design
  • Isolated Ground Termination
  • Dual cooling fans, oversized bearings, high amperage diodes
  • Maximum RPM: 7,000
  • External Regulation Required
  • USCG Title 33, CE, ISO J1171 and SAE 8846 Compliant
Balmar 98-Series Alternator

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Built expressly for the added demands of large multi-battery banks, inverter loads and other substantial electrical demands.

Extra-Large Case 97-Series Brushless Alternators provide the size, cooling and output across the range of engine RPM required to perform in a league with a small genset.

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What to consider before you buy...

Before you invest in a high-output charging system, save yourself a lot of trouble and money by ensuring that you buy the correct system for your application. Charging systems vary by type of boat, and a long list of other variables including engine type, engine room space, belt type and size, battery bank size and battery chemistry.

Balmar 98-Series Alternators - 4" Dual Foot J-180

Please Note:

The 2 alternator models shown in this section all have the Dual Foot 4" (J180-style) mounting style and utilize a 1/2" Dual Vee Pulley as shown in the photo.

Typical for Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel & John Deere Engines

Balmar 98-Series Alternator
Model Number Volts Amps
98-12-310-IG-BL 12 310
98-24-220-IG-BL 24 280