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Balmar Alternators

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Balmar Accessories

Made in the USA By Balmar

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Trans Atlantic Diesels carries a wide range of Balmar Alternators and alternator accessories

We have over thirty years of experience working with our customers to ensure they get the right charging kit and accessory to fit their needs.

If you dont see what you're looking for on this page the odds are we have it so please contact us.


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  • Repair
  • Adjustment
  • Temperature
    Sensor Cables
  • Mounting
  • Spike
  • Regulator
    Wiring Harness

Blamar Alternator Offshore Repair KitBalmar Alternator Offshore Repair Kit

A simple way to ensure that your Balmar alternator is equipped in the event of a rebuild.

Offshore Repair Kits contain all of the components most frequently replaced during repairs or rebuilds.

Typically kits include front and rear bearings, positive and negative diodes, brushes and brushholder. Additional components may be included depending on your alternator model, rated output, and voltage rating.

Blamar Universal Adjustment ArmBalmar Alternator Universal Adjustment Arm

A useful accessory when adapting your existing system to support a high-output replacement alternator or when fabricating a second alternator mount.

Measurements - Length: 11", Width: 1", Thickness: 1/4"

Can be used whole or cut to required length. Powdercoated steel.

Blamar MC-TS-A / MC-TS-B Temperature Sensor CablesBalmar Temperature Sensors

  • Provided with All Alternator/Regulator System Packages
  • Interchangeable for 12 Volt and 24 Volt Systems
  • For use with either Max Charge or ARS-5 Voltage Regulators
  • Battery Sensor can be used with the Digital Duo Charge
  • MC-TS-A - Alternator Cable, 54" Length
  • MC-TS-B - Battery Cable, 240" Length

Blamar Mounting Hardware & Spacer KitsBalmar Mounting Hardware

We offer a selection of Balmar hardware kits designed to simplify the installation process for a variety of engine types.

In most cases, mounting kits include appropriate mounting bolts, washers, spacers, and nuts. Some kits may also include special alternator pulleys.

A variety of mounting spacers are also available.

Blamar TSP-12V/24V Spike ProtectorsBalmar Mounting Hardware

  • Transient Spike Protectors Add System Safety
  • Fused Diodes Will Fail Prior to Alternator Diode Damage
  • Install Between the Alternator "P" and "N" Terminals
  • TSP-12 - 12 Volt, 10A Fuse
  • TSP-24 - 24 Volt, 10A Fuse

Replacement 54” Regulator Wiring HarnessesBalmar Mounting Hardware

  • All Balmar Regulators can be purchased with or without a wiring harness. Replacement wiring harnesses can also be purchased separately.
Volts Harness
6-Series &
12V 1010
24V 1012
94-Series 12V 1011
24V 1013
97-Series, 98-Series
12V 1014
24V 1016

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