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Balmar Smartgauge™ Battery Monitors

Balmar Smartgauge™ BatteryMonitor

Advanced Battery Monitor System

Accurate & Dependable

Smartgauge™ is changing how sailors and power boaters think about battery monitors..

  • Advanced Battery Fuel Gauge
  • Monitors State-of-Charge Percentage (SoC%) and Voltage of the Primary Battery
  • Monitors Voltage of a Second Battery
  • No Shunt Required
  • Self-Calibrating
  • Accurate within 5% after just a Few Cycles
  • High / Low Voltage and SoC% Alarms
  • Alarm Contacts for Auto Start / Stop

Balmar's new Smartgauge™ Battery Monitor provides highly accurate monitoring at a similar cost of standard ampere hour counting monitors. The easy-to-understand display, dependable State-of-Charge Percent (SoC%) reading and its ease-of-use mean that even the most technically challenged crew member can understand just how much power is left in the battery.

Three Key Smartgauge™ Advantages:

Ease of Installation: Smartgauge™ connects with just three 14 gauge wires - no need to crimp heavy battery cables for the installation of a shunt.

Ease of Use: Just select your battery type at setup and Smartgauge™ does the rest! Smartgauge™automatically adjusts for 12V or 24V operation.

Accuracy: Smartgauge™ is proven in independent testing by Enersys® to be accurate within 3% after 6 months of use. Smartgauge™ automatically adjusts for temperature conditions and the battery's health.

More Smartgauge™ Features:

The Smartgauge™ Battery Monitor works with Standard Flooded, Deep Cycle Flooded, Sealed Maintenance Free, Gel Cell, AGM and Lead Acid Hybrid batteries.

Smartgauge™does not monitor Lithium Ion batteries.

Smartgauge™ is equipped with a brightness-adjustable LED display.

Three membrane switches access program functions and facilitate switching between primary and secondary battery banks.

Color-coded indicator lights identify the battery information being displayed and activate when programmable alarm conditions are met.

Smartgauge™ is protected by a 2 Year limited warranty.