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Drive Plate

Drive Plate | DP-100

Commonly used on small Perkins 100 Series with Hurth 50/100, ZF 5/6/10 transmissions.

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The following list will help you in gathering the necessary information to identify your replacement drive/damper plate between your engine and transmission.

  • Engine & transmission make/model
  • Dimensions of current plate
  • Number of splines on transmission shaft
  • Bolt holes & measurements

Measurements for this drive plate can be found below.

Measurements shown below are accurate to the best of our ability.
If you find any need to verify or have questions please email or call our office.

Drive Plate DP-100

A - 4.75"
(Outside Diameter)

B - 4.375"
(Pitch Circle Diameter of Bolt Holes)

C - 0.45"
(Thickness of Plate)

D - 1.00"
(Depth of Shaft Center)

E - 1.125"
(Shaft Diameter)

F - 10
(Number of Splines)

G - 24
(Number of Bolt Holes)

H - 6
(Number of Springs)