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PRM Newage Propulsion Control

PRM Newage Propulsion Control Systems

How Does It Work?

Designed specifically for the PRM series marine transmissions, the new system is suitable for use with both mechanical and electronically controlled engines. The unit's fully interlocked, closed loop control provides stable gearbox output speed under all engine load conditions.

In addition, it allows the sizing of hydraulic pumps and accessories to be optimised, enabling the use of more powerful ancillary equipment in many applications.

For added safety, the new MPC unit also offers a full manual override in the event of an on-board electrical failure.


  • Soft gear engagement for improved comfort.
  • Increased vessel control and reduced component wear.
  • Features include a trolling capability (variable propeller speed at constant engine revs).
  • Automatic adjustment of engine power to match the demands of the engine-driven ancillaries, such as power take off (PTO) units.
  • Easy installation on electronically controlled engines via the existing CAN-bus system.
  • Programmable software to ensure the system is tailored to suit the needs of each individual installation.
  • Single, twin and fly-bridge controls available, synchronised in operation through the control system.
  • Simple installation / adaptation to mechanically controlled engines via fast response electro-mechanical interface.

PRM Propulsion Control Kit Includes:

  • MT8492 Gearbox valve block - 12 volt
  • MT8498 Gearbox valve block - 24 volt
  • MT8493 Single engine control lever
  • MT8501 Twin engine control lever
  • MT8494 Control box 1 - electronic engines
  • MT8495 Control box 2 - mechanical engines
  • MT8496 Servo rotating actuator - 12 volt
  • MT8497 Servo rotating actuator - 24 volt

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