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Newage PRM Electric Shift

PRM Electric Shift

PRM Electric Shift


PRM Electric Shift

     The PRM Electric Shift system provides a proven, cost-effective method of controlling both mechanical and electronic marine drivelines.

     Complementing the fully electronic control option of PRM's Marine Propulsion Control system, the Electric Shift valve can be supplied factory fitted or retrofitted to all current (PRM260 to PRM1750) and most of the older PRM gearbox models.

     Comprising a solenoid control valve that is actuated by two electrical coils, the system utilizes PRM's standard valve block to achieve fast and effective gear shifting on all types of vessel.

     A purpose-designed lever is available from PRM to meet the need of the mechanically controlled engines fitted with electric shift gearboxes.

     Similarly, the Morse KE-5 control system can be used to provide all-electronic operation of driveline installations with electronically controlled engines. In addition, all systems have the option of single or twin lever controls for multiple stations.

     For added safety, the PRM electric shift system also offers manual override in the event of an on-board electrical power failure.

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