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Northern Lights Accessories
for Marine Diesel Generators

Sound Enclosures

Northern Lights Marine Generator Sound Enclosure

The highest performing enclosures in the industry, Northern Lights sound shields are designed and tested to attenuate up to 20 dBA. Trigger latch panels open to single-side serviceability and their white, powder-coated finish is as durable as it is elegant.

Power Take Off

Northern Lights Marine Generator PTO

Available on M843NW2 models and larger, the front power take-off gives you up to 48 Hp, dependent on model size and RPM. Run accessories like hydraulic thrusters, windlass or sail equipment at the flip of the switch with this powerful option.

Water Lift Muffler

Northern Lights Marine Generator Water Lift Muffler

Cools hot exhaust gasses and silences exhaust noise. The standard model is shown and a variety of other styles and configurations are also available. Contact us for the solution that is right for you.

High Output Alternator

Northern Lights Marine Generator High Output Alternator

Increase your battery charging capabilities with a high output alternator. An adjustable voltage regulator for use with either lead acid or gell cell batteries is optional. Available on M753W2 (6 to 8 kW) and larger models.

Gas / Water Separator

Northern Lights Marine Generator Gas / Water Separator

Separates the exhaust gas and water mixture allowing the water to exit under the hull and gasses at the transom without the noisy splashing. It also reduces the exhaust noise so your time aboard is quieter and more enjoyable.

Siphon Break

Northern Lights Marine Generator Siphon Break

Prevents raw water from siphoning back into the engine. Standard on 5 and 6 kW, optional on 8 through 33 kW models. Intended for use with wet exhaust systems only.

Primary Fuel Filter

Northern Lights Marine Generator Primary Fuel Filter

Thoughtfully mounted fuel filter is easily serviced and designed to reduce fuel spills. Large top mounted air bleed and fuel pump priming lever provide for fast, painless fuel filter changes.

Electric Fuel Pump

Northern Lights Marine Generator Electric Fuel Pump

Adds design flexibility by allowing the fuel tank and generator to be installed further apart. Also allows easier fuel system bleeding.

Dry Exhaust Flex

Northern Lights Marine Generator Dry Exhaust Flex

Adds design flexibility by allowing the fuel tank and generator to be installed further apart. Also allows easier fuel system bleeding.

On-Board Spare Parts Kit

Northern Lights Marine Generator On-Board Spare Parts Kit

Belts, gaskets, o-rings, pumps, and much more. Be prepared and organized for routine maintenance and troubleshooting in tough marine environments. Standard Kit contains and organizes basic repair parts, and the World Class Kit outfits you for longer voyages.