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Universal B-Series
Marine Diesel Engines

Makers of the world famous Atomic-4 and pioneers in premium marine diesel propulsion, Universal has struck again with its latest release, the Universal B-Series. The B-Series is powered by the latest advancements in diesel engine design. Some of the benefits from these advancements include cleaner emissions, reduced noise levels, and increased horsepower at lower RPMs. All B-Series engines are naturally aspirated and deliver high low-end torque. This produces some of the most quiet and durable marine engines currently available.

Universal Marine Engines

Universal M3-20B

Universal M3-20B Marine Diesel Engine
HP - 20
RPM - 3600
Cylinders - 3

Universal M-25XPB

Universal M-25XPB Marine Diesel Engine
HP - 26
RPM - 3000
Cylinders - 3