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Perkins Diesel Engines

Perkins 4.236
Marine Diesel Engine

Rebuild Your Perkins 4.236 Engine

Offered Only on a Rebuilt Exchange Basis

Trans Atlantic Diesels can provide a comprehensive range of engine rebuild components and accessories for the “Qualified Do It Yourselfer” or your local qualified mechanic/machine shop to repair or rebuild your 4.236 Perkins Engine.

Ready to Go Rebuilt Engine: Contact us for a price quote and availability for TAD to supply a rebuilt exchange engine from stock, or rebuild your 4.236 engine.

Transmission: We can also rebuild your Borg Warner Velvet Drive transmission or offer rebuilt exchange from stock. (All items, subject to availability at time of enquiry)

Rebuilt & Ready To Go: Cylinder Head, Block with liners fitted and bored, Crankshaft, Camshaft, Fuel Injection Parts, electrics and more.

Perkins 4.236 Marine Diesel Engine

In addition to the base engine parts, we offer everything that is currently available to freshen up your engine: Marine Heat Exchangers, pumps and cooling components, Starter, Alternator (standard or high output Balmar) Serpentine Pulley Kit, Gauge Panel complete with harness and senders, Damper drive plates, Isolator Mounts, and stainless steel exhaust elbows.

The following is a list of kits and components that may be purchased. Major components shown below are supplied on an exchange basis. Your exchange components should in re-buildable condition to be accepted as a core. We can supply a copy of the core policy upon request. We welcome you sending in any core items for exchange ahead of time. This way they can be pre-inspected as an acceptable or unacceptable core. TAD will pay a one-time freight charge for our core parts being returned from within the 48 continental states. All items should be returned on the skid that was shipped to you where applicable.

Perkins 4.236 Rebuild Kit

Engine Rebuild Kit:
High quality aftermarket factory assembled rebuild kit contains the following: Pistons, Liners, Rings, standard main bearings, standard rod bearings (oversized bearings are available upon request.) Upper and lower gasket set, valves, guides, front and rear oil seals, oil and fuel filter. We do offer a new genuine Perkins oil pump as an additional option, however, we suggest the pump be inspected and measured for wear to determine if a replacement is required.

Perkins 4.236 Cylinder Block

Cylinder Block:
The cylinder block is carefully inspected, line bore checked, magnaflux crack tested, pre-fitted with new liners ready to receive new piston assemblies.

Perkins 4.236 Cylinder Head

Cylinder Head:
Complete with new valves, guides, seals fitted, magnaflux crack tested ready to be installed.

Perkins 4.236 Crankshaft

Re-ground with correct oversize bearings or standard polished. All are carefully inspected and magnaflux crack tested.

Perkins 4.236 Fuel Injector Pump - Rebuilt

Fuel Injector Pump:
You will need to supply the DPA number located on the pump tag for accurate replacement. Please note that the injection pump rebuild pricing when supplied on an exchange basis, can exceed the quoted standard pricing by up to $400.00. This applies when the main head and rotor in your old pump require replacement. It can take up to 4 weeks to evaluate a core pump and initiate an appropriate core refund. Refunds are typically applied to the credit card used for the original purchase. A core charge can be avoided if pump is sent in for evaluation prior to the replacement pump being shipped. Core documents are supplied with each replacement pump.

Perkins 4.236 Fuel Injectors Rebuilt with New Nozzles

Fuel Injectors Rebuilt with New Nozzles:
Injectors are provided on a exchange basis.

Perkins 4.236 Camshaft

New Perkins genuine camshaft.

Perkins 4.236 Connecting Rods

Connecting Rods:
Remanufactured with new bushes honed to specs.

Perkins 4.236 Connecting Rods

Bowman Combination Manifold, Heat Exchanger, Header Tank:
Kits include thermostat outlet, thermostat piping, gaskets, hoses and mounting hardware. If you have an older cooling system, many parts for which are no longer available, this unit is an excellent upgrade option.

Perkins 4.238 Exhaust Elbow:

Exhaust Elbow:
Exhaust elbows are custom fabricated in 316L stainless steel with mild steel flanges. Costs vary depending on size of elbow needed. Please refer to our Exhaust Elbow Page to select the proper elbow to fit your application. Custom designs can also be provided. We will need pictures and dimensions in order to accurately fabricate an elbow to match yours.

Perkins 4.236 Raw Water Pump

Raw Water Pump

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Perkins 4.236 Fresh Water Pump

Fresh Water Pump:

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Perkins 4.108 Full Gauge Panel with Alarms

Full Gauge Panel with Alarms:
New instrument panel including senders, switches, and a 5’ harness.

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Perkins 4.236 Starter Motor

New Starter Motor:
3 Bolt Delco Style.

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Perkins 4.236 Alternator

New Standard Alternator:
Delco Style with 3rd tach wire terminal.

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Perkins 4.236 Balmar High Output Alternator Kits

Balmar High Output Alternator Kits:
Contact us for discount pricing.

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Perkins 4.236 Serpentine Pulley Kit

Serpentine Pulley Kit: - For use with a High Output Alternator

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Perkins 4.236 Engine Mounts

Engine Mounts:
Standard engine mount for the Perkins 4.236.
If you need help identifying your engine mount please visit our Engine Mounts page.

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Perkins 4.236 - Onboard Cruise Kits

Trans Atlantic Diesels offers onboard cruise kits for the Perkins 4.236 Marine Diesel Engine. Enjoy peace of mind on those long cruises or have the parts on hand for routine maintenance.

Onboard Cruise Kits are available in either Major or Minor kits.